Fox Trails Quilt Pattern

Hey loves! I am very happy to find you here once again. This beginning of the week, we want to continue with the work we’ve been doing so far. We hope that sharing new ideas, beautiful and fun patterns will inspire you to keep creating around. Tell me how your week is going, lots of running, lots of orders? By the way, how is crafting for you, a hobby or a source of income?

For many people, after this time of isolation that we went through, crafts became the main income for many people. If that’s your goal, I hope that many sales will come from what we share here with you. And thinking of a quilt that could be very successful, come learn to make Fox Trails with us. Look how beautiful it looks. The quilt got its name because of the chosen print.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t reproduce the pattern with different fabrics. Making the combinations and putting colors that have this difference between them, it will be incredible. This quilt is a real puzzle. You will need to make some cuts following the templates that are available in the pattern. But yes, there are several clippings.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Windham Fabrics

We always advise you to do it as if it were an assembly line, so vice versa is not lost and still optimizes your time. In the pattern you have the list of materials. After choosing, see how you are going to assemble it, what color it will be in each round. Then just start the markings and then the clippings. Did you do all of template 1? Start 2 and so on, until you finish this step. Time to start assembling.

We need to pay close attention to this part, so remove everything that might distract you. Assemble the first part, check and then sew. Checking like this, at each step, you won’t need to sew and undo it several times. It gets much easier, you’ll see. Shall we go to the coolest part? Come build with us. The fox trails quilt is available from Windham Fabrics. Read it a first time and then let’s quilt.