Modern Celtic Quilt Pattern

Hello dear crafters, good to have you here with me. I am happy to know that you remember us when it comes to crafts. That’s why we are always renewing the patterns for you to get excited and continue to be inspired by new items. And crafts are already part of us. We find pieces like this in our home decor, in our wardrobe, in our accessories.

The truth is that they are here to stay and we couldn’t be happier about it. How about learning a new quilt? Today is the right day for that. Stay here with us to learn the Modern Celtic Quilt, a very beautiful and elegant model. And no, they are not just made to cover us up. In the photos you can see how amazing it looks in the decor, like a wall hanging. And they are much easier to attach than a frame.

Not to mention that you can take it off to wash whenever it gets dusty. Easy right? In the pattern you will find the approximate measurements of the finished quilt. Now see where it will look beautiful in your decor. It can be in the hall, in the bedroom, in the office. Take advantage of the colors present in the environment to match the fabrics. It’s much simpler than we think, even more so when we’re starting to quilt. The pattern is not hard.

Check it out the Modern Celtic Quilt Pattern // Quilter’s World

You can, and should, read the entire pattern before doing anything else. If there’s a step you don’t understand, read it one more time. You will see how this makes all the difference. And here’s a tip I’d like to know before I start quilting, the importance of pressing. Pressing is the process of placing the iron on the fabric, lifting it off the fabric and placing it down in another location to flatten seams or crease fabric without sliding the iron across the fabric.

Generally, seams allowences are pressed toward the darker fabric in quilting so that they do not show throught the lighter fabric. Now tell me, do you have any doubts about any quilting process? We can always help each other here and in the comments. Each artisan develops a technique and by sharing we can help each other. Come quilt with us!