Frankenbag Tutorial – Free Pattern

Hi my loved ones! Ready for another week full of beautiful crafts? We hope you had a good weekend and are looking forward to learning new items. We are very happy to be able to share all this with you. And for starters, let’s learn how to make the Frankenbag. Bags are present in our daily lives and are the easiest way to carry everything we need. From wallet, keys, cell phone, to tablets and notebooks. Imagine if we had to carry all this in hand, it would be impossible.

And nothing better than being able to make your own bag. This pattern is perfect for those who have been sewing for a while and have lots of scraps of fabric left over. The cutout sizes are small and it’s a pattern that everyone can do, from beginners to advanced. You can see that the pieces that the designer of the piece chose are very colorful, with different prints and colors.

The combination was very beautiful, a cheerful bag that complements the look. In this pattern, you will learn how to make the entire bag and pockets. It’s always nice to have a pocket to separate some items. It’s much easier to find the keys when you get home, the cell phone when it rings, or the lipstick to touch up your makeup.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Agilejack

This bag is an excellent size, perfect for carrying a little bit of everything. You can gift your dear friends with frankenbag, sell it or make it for yourself. The materials needed are the basic ones and you can find the list along with the pattern. To learn all the steps of frankenbag, you can find the pattern available in Agilejack.

We hope you make beautiful pieces out there. If it’s for sale, put the right value on your piece. Cherish your work, it is beautiful, unique and inspiring. Tell us what you think here in the comments. We are very happy to see you here and receive your feedback. Read the pattern more than once if necessary and then start cutting and sewing. Grab your materials and let’s sew!

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