In From The Cold Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello everybody! We hope to find you all well, excited and inspired to do some more art. Ready to learn a new quilt pattern? Well we are ready to share a new model. Look at that delicate quilt. In From The Cold brings a different pattern, full of details and with great comfort. For me, that’s what the quilt conveys, comfort. After all, who doesn’t love a cup of hot drink to snuggle up on the sofa and relax? 

It’s the perfect quilt for a movie accompanied by hot chocolate. It fits very well with the time we are in. With Christmas colors and prints, the quilt also reminds us of the next days when we will be with the family, people we like, all together. For me it is one of the most important dates. Send gratitude for everything we’ve been through and learned, I’m starting over after all a new cycle will start. 

And nothing better than being snuggled up in a quilt you made yourself. Are you like that too, are you proud and want to show your quilt to everyone? I already leave my work exposed in the room and I die of pride every time I’m praised. That’s why I always remind you, don’t be afraid or uncomfortable putting a price on your work. It’s time, study, quality material and dedication put into this craft. Value yourself so that others can value you too. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Moda Fabrics

I know it’s easier said than done, even because I was too embarrassed to pass the price and other people thought it was expensive or complained. But it’s like this, when we learn to value our own, others value too. Now going back to the quilt, there are three models of cups, each with a different combination of colors and prints, but you can see that they all follow the same color palette. The quilt is not very big, 50″ X 62″ approximately. 

You can increase the amount and blocks, make nine cups. Not to mention that you can use the pattern of the blocks to make other pieces. Cushions, table rail, wall hanging. With a little creativity, many ideas will emerge. Tell us what you think here in the comments. We want to know your doubts and suggestions too. The In From the Cold pattern is available at Moda Fabrics. Read the instructions, separate the materials and let’s quilt!

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