Wind Spinner Ornament – Free Pattern

Hello everybody! How are you? Another week starting and we’re ready to make it amazing, right? If it’s patterns and ideas that you’re missing, stay here with us to learn models that will inspire you to make them. Today’s pattern is an ornament, a simple item to decorate the indoor environment or some open place as well. The Wind Spinner Ornament is a simple model, which we can do even without much crocheting practice. 

If this is your case, don’t be afraid. Come with us to learn more about this piece and decorate your home, give as a gift to friends or sell and have that extra money that is very welcome. Even though crocheting a wind spinner is easy, there is a lot of repetition. The longer your spinner is, the more stitches there are on the last increase row. But be careful not to bog it down too heavy so it keeps its shape. 

Add a swivel fishing lure attachment to allow it to free spin. You can really experiment with color and add your personal touch to the wind spinner. Even though it is very common to see it in environments, here the proposal is to decorate our Christmas tree. Even more so at this time when we see Christmas wherever we go. Yes, the date is still over a month away, but it’s not too early to start making your decorations. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

Especially if you’re thinking of selling. Having a showcase ready to present to your customers is essential. And you know that piece of yarn that was left over from another project and you kept it? It’s time to use them. To make the wind spinner, little material is needed. Since we’re talking about Christmas tree ornaments, you’re going to make them even smaller. The cool thing is to choose the colors that refer to the date. Different shades of green than the tree, red, white, gold, silver. 

If you want to add some detail, always place it at the bottom end to add some weight and keep the shape. Let’s start? The wind spinner pattern is available on Ravelry. You can download the pattern, read it calmly, understand how to make it in the correct format and then start crocheting. Was there any doubt? We are here and want to help you. Let us know here in the comments. May we all have an amazing day.

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