Pretty Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Hi my loves! It is a pleasure to welcome you here once again at Your Crochet Now. It’s the first time this year that we’ve come together to share new models. I already miss spending this time here with you, exchanging ideas and inspiring us to continue creating more beautiful pieces. How is your year going? Did you take a few days off, enjoy your family?

These moments are very important for us to have the necessary energy during the year. Take a few days for yourself too, it’s very good. If you, like me, can’t keep your hands still even on your rest days, come and learn a new pattern with us. The Pretty Bunny Amigurumi is coming to remind us that in the coming months we have Easter. There are so many special dates during the year that it seems that the days go by even faster.

Do you also have this impression? But this is no reason for us to panic. With organization we can do a little of everything. This beautiful rabbit can be part of the decoration of your table, in the entrance hall. In special meals, it is normal for us to dedicate extra time to the decoration and make everyone feel welcome. To make this moment even more special, we can add pieces that we made ourselves.

Pretty Bunny Amigurumi – Amigurumi Today

Crocheting is an old technique and amigurumis are one of the novelties of this technique. Already well popularized, amigurumis are very successful wherever they go, conquering all generations. Children love to play with them, decorate the room. We can also make characters, assemble a collection.

And we have the animals, traditional models that are always in fashion. Here we have a beautiful bunny wearing an amazing dress. Like other creations, pretty bunny is made in stages. You can enjoy a few minutes every day. By the end of the week, you’ll have a rabbit ready. And best of all, we don’t need a lot of materials.

All already well known by those who crochet. I think the most different thing is fiberfill for stuffing, but it’s easy to find and not expensive. When filling your amigurumi, add the right amount so it doesn’t get a little “withered”. Ready to get started? Come crochet with us!

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