Pumpkin Pullover – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello my loves! Another week is starting and I hope to find everyone well, rested and with a lot of desire to make this week incredible. How are things out there, excited for the holidays? Yes, we are at that time again, last month. It went by fast, yes, but we learned so many things together. And today couldn’t be any different, the Pumpkin Pullover is our pattern of the day. A beautiful crochet sweater, with different colors and textures that enhance each detail even more. 

You can already see that we have some stitches on the same sweater. If any of them are not yet familiar to you, rest assured that here we will go through all of them, so that we can learn or review the step by step. But let’s talk a little about sweaters. These pieces won my heart from the first time I tasted them. Soft, warm and super comfortable, the impression is really a hug. 

Sweaters are classic pieces and are a tradition in many families. It’s common to find families that use the same print now at the end of the year festivities. And why not crochet your family sweater? A great idea, economical and can now be used as a gift for everyone. To achieve an effect like this, a piece that is pleasant to wear, be careful when choosing the yarn. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one you can find, it doesn’t mean better quality.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Furls Fiber Arts

But it must be soft to the touch, a yarn that frays a lot, with beautiful colors. You can have a lot of practice and crochet for a long time, if the yarn is bad your sweater will not be pleasant to wear. Another very important thing is the sizes. The pattern size is not always the same as yours. The yarn chosen, the crochet hook, the stitch, all of this influences the size of the final piece. When we make clothes, I like and recommend having a tape measure nearby. 

Keep measuring whenever you think it’s necessary. So you can already make changes, increasing or decreasing stitches and rounds to have the perfect size for you. Ready to start crocheting? Come see the Pumpkin Pullover pattern in Furls Fiber Arts. There you have the list of materials, measurements and description of all rounds. The photos are also a form of assistance, you can check, compare the works. If you have any doubts, know that you can count on us. Write here in the comments your doubt, suggestion, opinion. We really want to keep this interaction with you. Let’s crochet!

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