Sleepy Baggy Lovey Crochet

Sleepy Baggy Lovey Crochet is a beautiful crochet product that is very successful among moms. Perfect to be given as a beautiful gift when visiting the baby in the maternity ward. Cloths, stuffed animals, toys, blankets and even pillows are transitional objects that make children feel safe at bedtime and end up being very important. This beautiful Sleepy Baggy Lovey Crochet is charming, delicate and will be an excellent little friend for your baby.

It’s amazing how they calm down every time they pick up and hug these objects made with care and with our skills. So for those who work in the sale of handicrafts, this is an excellent option, believe me. With little material and with a very beautiful result, you will be very successful among your clients and friends.

Change the colors, make other pets, use your creativity and adapt, make and grow your potential as an artisan using your skills, I’m sure you’ll be surprised. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring you the best.

Sleepy Baggy Lovey Crochet

Full Pattern/Images/Tutorial: Crochetpedia

LEVEL – upper beginner
TERMS – US standard


magic ring
chain (ch)
single crochet (sc)
half double crochet (hdc)
double crochet (dc)
inc = increase with sc, hdc, dc
dec = decrease with sc, hdc, dc
slip stitch (sl st)

yarn: Stenli Baby Cotton Candy – to make one toy you need 2 skeins in total;
Green version: Milky Ecru (no. 172) and Reseda (no. 20)
Pink version: Milky Ecru (no. 172) and Pale Pink (no. 55)
crochet hook 2 mm
tapestry needle
stitch marker (optional)
sewing needle and a little bit of gray thread or yarn for embroidery


this lovey amigurumi is about 27 cm tall (10.5 inches), but it will be smaller or bigger depending on the yarn weight you choose to work with.
Remember, that your crocheting style can affect the final size of this toy.

What does our team think of this pattern

Sleepy Baggy Lovey Crochet, the piece your little one needs to get a good night’s sleep, you can be sure your little one will love it!! You will be amazed at the end result she has and you will love how calm your little one will be. This beautiful Project can be used on several occasions, it will amaze your clients who will surely want one for their little ones too, which will help you a lot.

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