Small Treat Totes – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Good to see you here again. Another week that comes to an end and we are very happy to have your company. We have several patterns here that could be your project for the weekend. Today we are going to learn one more, the Small Treat Totes. This pattern is really cool and can be a great opportunity for you who have scraps left over from other projects. But not only that, you can take the opportunity to make it for halloween.

Kids will love having a personalized tote just the way they like it. And they can reuse, use later to store something, organize objects and toys in the room. Another great idea is to use small treat totes to wrap gifts. There are a lot of ideas from a pattern that is simpler than you might think. The tote is made from blocks, rectangles simply cut. Big and easy to sew, you’ll see. Without too many details, the highlight is the prints you choose.

Take the opportunity to risk new combinations. You can mix plain fabrics with prints. See the colors that match, which are represented in the prints and hands to work. In the pattern you will find a diagram with the measurements and the order to sew. Want to make a bigger tote? Mix in the measurements shown in the diagram. You will see that it is not difficult.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

As for cutting and sewing, if the fabric is very wrinkled, iron it first. A smooth fabric makes all the difference when marking and sewing the piece. Remember to use quality fabrics, this will only enhance your work. When sewing four-patch squares, the fabric can easily become bulky instead of laying flat. To remedy this, you can make a spinning intersection. Break the thread in the middle seam of the square and fold up.

Press so that the seams are all rotating around the square in the same direction. Eager to start sewing? The small treat totes pattern is available at All People Quilt. Step by step, materials, measurements and cutting and sewing instructions. If after reading the whole pattern you have any doubts, come talk to us here in the comments. Quilting can be tough, but no matter how many seams you need to rip just remember, nobody’s perfect. May we all have a great weekend!

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