Shot Striped Frames Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello loves! We are appearing here in the middle of the week, but full of news. How are things over there? We hope you are making beautiful pieces with the inspirations and patterns that we share with you. If you want to learn the Shot Striped Frame Quilt, stay here with us. This quilt is all colorful, full of stripes and prints that match each other. At first glance, the impression we get is that the stripes are cut and sewn one by one.

Yes, that would be a lot of work and maybe the result wouldn’t look so pretty. The stripes are very thin and the amount of stitching would take away the lightness of the quilt. In this pattern, in addition to the way to assemble the quilt, much of the highlight goes to the fabrics that you will choose. But if you can’t find the same prints out there, with some crativity, you will choose another ones.

Make new combinations, with a little creativity, new ideas will appear. If you are doing it for your home, take advantage of the colors that you have in the environment to get inspired too. Remember that you can use quilts the most diverse environments. They bring a touch of warmth to the environment, make everything more comfortable and inviting.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Free Spirit Fabrics

After purchasing the fabrics, if you choose a dark color or pattern, you can wash them before you start cutting. When mixing light and dark colors in the same quilt, excess paint on the fabric can stain. That’s why we always recommend this kind of care. Then just let it dry, iron and start quilting. Don’t forget to mark the back of the fabric.

Always good to ensure that no scratches will show up on your quilt. If you fell in love and already want to start making it, check out the shot striped frame pattern in Free Spirit Fabrics. There you have the step by step, measurements, fabrics and diagram of the piece. Tell us what you think here in the comments. We are very happy and grateful for your company. Let’s quilt!?

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