Splendor Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello dear colleagues, we blink and another whole month has passed. Can you believe we’re halfway through the year? Time passes very quickly. Every time I come back to see what we have produced here, I am very proud. I hope you feel that way too. See your projects, appreciate them and feel proud of each one of them, they represent our evolution as artisans.

I know that a lot of people pass by here, each one with a preference, a technique that has more affinity. We try to accommodate all requests. Today we want to go back to the sewing section and show you a very beautiful and easy to make quilt. Splendor quilt mixes colors and prints to make the environment more cheerful.

Here you can play with colors and prints. If you already have a little practice, you’ve already made some quilts, you’ve already realized how the fabrics make a difference. With the splendor model you can make quilts for Christmas, for children or any other festive date.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

For splendor there are basically 3 fabrics. I like it and I suggest you start by choosing the printed fabric, which will stand out the most, and will be the main point of your quilt. It can be printed or not, it’s your choice. Then you choose a color that matches the print, which further enhances the details of the first fabric. Finally, it is a lighter fabric, which will contrast with the rest.

Thread choice is also important. In this project, the indication is to combine the color with the lighter fabric. You can choose if you want it to show up a lot, be more contrasting or disguised in the pattern. The important thing is to always choose quality materials so that your quilt lasts for a long time and enhances all your work. So, shall we quilt?

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