Twister Child Poncho – Free Pattern

Hi everyone, we’re back! I hope this time away hasn’t made you stop practicing, making projects as beautiful as the patterns we share here. How were things over there? I hope to find them all well again, full of health and willingness to learn.

Today I want to show you a pattern for the little ones, but that you can also increase and make for yourself too. Have you noticed how children’s patterns are the majority around here? They are always a big hit. Children grow up very quickly and if we manage to make some clothes at home, it already alleviates the expenses a little.

Not to mention it’s an excellent gift option. Moms love for kids to win, I say that myself. They are very comfortable clothes, easy to wash and that, with basic care, last a long time. And they are timeless, they never go out of style.

Twister Child Poncho // Hobbii

The poncho is that easy to wear outfit. Quick to wear and very cozy for the coldest days. This model does not have sleeves. The truth is that the twister child poncho is a big square, simple as that. You can see that more than one color is used, or the variation of shades of the same color. Take the opportunity to make a gradient or a very colorful piece. It might be an option to use those leftover yarns too.

The important thing is to try to maintain the thickness of the yarn so that everything has a similar texture. These are details that we learn with time, mistakes and tips from other artisans. In the pattern you will find different sizes along with the measurements and the amount of stitches needed. Wassup, how about starting? Whether for you, to sell or one more pattern to learn, here you will find all the information. I hope you enjoy this pattern and soon we’ll see you again with more amazing models.

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