Stars and Scraps Forever – Quilt Pattern

Do you have a lot of fabric scraps lying around? We have the perfect pattern for you, Stars and Scraps Forever. In this pattern you can match colors that don’t match perfectly. Even if they have different shades, light, dark, classic colors. And the best of all is that no one will be able to say that you did it with scraps or didn’t think about the combinations.

This pattern is very beautiful, in addition to stars, layers are being formed alternating between lighter and darker tones. And it might look good from hard cuts, but for this pattern you’ll only need squares and rectangles. Bed sizes vary, so we have different sizes of quilts as well. This pattern is king size.

Adaptations for different sizes are also suggested in the pattern, so it’s easier for you to know where to change. one care you always have to take when assembling quilts of different colors is the fabric dye. Usually, in the first wash, the excess comes out. That way, you don’t have problems with stains that may happen in the next washes.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Iron the fabrics so that they are straight and make it easier to sew. If you’re new to sewing, try out some scraps first. Sew straight seams, the most used in quilts. As soon as you feel safe, start quilting. You can even take advantage of the star pattern and make pillows to complete the decor.

The full pattern of this beautiful quilt, Stars and Scraps, is available at All People Quilt. There you will find all the tips, step by step, measurements and diagram to help you in the assembly. We hope you like it and come back soon to tell us how it was to make this design. Leave suggestions too, if you have a pattern, we’ll bring it to you. Now, it’s time to quilt!

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