Stylish Blanket (22 Crochet Squares)

Find out which types of flooring match your home. Choosing the most appropriate type of floor for your decor is not an easy task. After all, there are dozens of options at your disposal on the market. To make your choice easier, the Your Crochet Now team is committed to offering you the best tips. The most classic of the types of floors are wooden. Also known as tacos or planks, this floor provides a feeling of warmth and tranquility, in addition to helping to warm up the environment in which it is integrated. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make an amazing Stylish Blanket (22 Crochet Squares).

There is also the floor (or taboão), which are wooden, but larger in size. They usually receive baseboards of the same material and are brought in wax, in order to maintain a constant shine and give that special little touch to the environment. They can be integrated in any part of the house, except box.

This type of floor is found in light and dark tones, choose the one that suits you best. They are also super easy to clean and must be made of hard wood, as the more massive ones can easily scratch. It certainly gives a lot of sophistication to the rustic style.

Free Pattern Available: Square For The Blanket

Vinyl floor types are a great option for those who like versatile decor. There are options that are floors that imitate wood and give a fake wood look and others are lighter and more neutral, which gives you a great choice. It also allows you to make drawings on the floor with the cutouts of your pieces. These types of flooring should always be used indoors, as they can deteriorate faster if they stay in contact with moisture for a long time.

Taking such care, they can last from 10 to 15 years before needing maintenance or replacement, which will help you a lot. Parquet flooring is also on the market. All this because it resembles the taco, but mixes four different tones on each plate (which is usually square or rectangular). They look beautiful in a glossy or matte version. The types of floor that will give an up decoration!

If any room in your home needs sound insulation, the ideal is to invest in a floor that complements possible wall tiles or wall coverings. The carpet floor allows this feat, in addition to maintaining the sophisticated, warm and modern environment and giving an incredible touch to everything. Those with small children at home can invest in the types of rubber flooring, at least in the children’s room. They are resistant, soft and prevent slipping. There are several types of flooring, it’s up to you to get inspired and choose one of them.


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