Vivid Chevron Blanket

Having a home with personalized decoration that totally impresses your style is the dream of most people, especially lovers of decoration. However, beautiful and well decorated houses are not available to everyone. But you can transform your home, this activity can be a very pleasant and even relaxing activity. A main point that must be taken into account when decorating an environment is knowing the lifestyle and personality of the residents. However, it is worth remembering that other points are also essential for your residence to be as stylish as the beautiful houses of magazines and novels. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Vivid Chevron Blanket.

The decoration should go beyond the customization of a style, as there are other important points that guarantee beauty and convenience to the environment, so pay attention to that. The decoration of the beautiful magazine houses takes into account offering comfort, practicality and functionality, as modern life requires greater accessibility.

So that the disposition of the furniture, the decorative objects, the theme of the decoration and the lighting are very important aspects, all it takes is for the decorator, who could be you, to integrate all these aspects into your style, so pay attention.

Free Pattern Available: Vivid Chevron Blanket

Another item that should be considered for the decorated home is the budget, or how much you have to spend. In the midst of the economic crisis, few people can hire decorators. We have separated some decorating tips that range from recycling old furniture to replacing all furniture and accessories to help you with that. There are different styles of decoration of beautiful houses. Certainly one of them suits you.

If the problem is money or even time, then choose to move the furniture around and reuse small objects, such as vases and picture frames that were forgotten, just give them a new function and they will help you a lot. Good ambient lighting is a wild card of beautiful houses. Also, painting, using stickers on furniture and walls or making texture on the walls is also an excellent differential. Changing curtains and blinds is also a great way to change the environment.

Create a small winter garden that adds plants set in pots, decorated with stones and well lit, gives a new look to the environment and leaves it with a very beautiful touch. Flower arrangements, bonsai, cacti and other species that require little care are also simple and inexpensive forms of decoration. Beautiful houses also feature mini gardens, vertical gardens and outdoor hedges. Let your creativity speak for you.

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