Susie Doily

Susie Doily, it’s very important, besides, if used as a coaster it won’t leave water marks or any residue on the furniture. A well set table is extremely elegant, even more if you have a beautiful coaster. It has different shapes, sizes and colors in which it can be made, above all depending on the taste and need of each person. Regardless of your style or your home decor, you will certainly have a game that will match and enhance your decor.

Simple and economical, you can make this piece for your home, combining it with your kitchen furniture, therefore with your dishes and glasses. Also, it is a well accepted product for sales, show it to your customers and friends. The color can be the one that matches and the one that pleases your customers, first of all, separate all the material so that it is easier to follow the explanation.

This Susie Crochet Doily is an ideal project for you to express love, as it has heart shapes in the piece. A very beautiful craft that you can give to people who love, they will certainly love. Make it with all your affection and in different colors, at the same time use your creativity and transform this idea into others made by you.

Susie Doily

Pattern/Tutorial/Images: Irina Maleeva

The pattern has 18 rounds.
The finished doily measures approx. 7″.
Materials needed: cotton thread size 10, hook 1.50 or 1.75 mm. But you may use the materials you prefer.
Level – intermediate.
The pattern includes written instructions (US terms used) with detail explanations of all special stitches and colored chart of all doily.
In this pattern I used such special stitches as clusters, splits, popcorns, bp- and fp- stitches and picots.
The diameter of the inside part of the doily can be increased or decreased by adding or removing rounds according to the principle used in this design.

English translation was provided by the author of the pattern (Irina Maleeva).
Thank you to the tester of Portuguese version of this pattern: Linda Keene O’Brien.

Please read the «Stitch guide
Join the rounds with the SLST in the top of the beginning stitch;
The number of stitches for
Pattern repeats are marked with and
Recommendations and notes are
Groups of stitches are listed in (…) and […] ;
If you have any questions or you f
me and let me know.
For accurate and professional look the finished piece should be
gently press out the liquid, be careful not to pull or twist on the stitches. lay it
blocking mat and pin the doily working from the center out to the edges. Remove the pins
when the doily is completely dry.

What does our team think of this pattern

Susie Doily, an amazing doily to transform the style of your decor, I am sure you will love the result this piece will have as it will give your decor a new touch that is very beautiful and charming. This beautiful project can be used on several occasions, it will amaze your clients who will surely want one as well, which will help you a lot.

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