Taurari Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

From the most common to the most eccentric, the coatings “stole the show” and became more than mere constructive elements. When well planned, they stand out in any environment for conferring functionality and aesthetics. Porcelain tiles, tiles, hydraulic tiles, wooden blocks, cobogós, burnt cement are some examples of these coatings. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Taurari Blanket.

But out of so much variety, there are many options and each day more, like 3D coating, choosing has become a difficult task, but we will help you with that. Therefore, the first step is to identify the needs of the space, and evaluate the specifications of each element.

If you choose more than one, care is doubled, because it is necessary to think about the composition of the environment, so remember this. The “vintage” coatings return with everything as decorative alternatives.

Much more than partitions, cobogós, for example, attract the possibility of light entering. While the wooden clubs, used in “zigzag” look timeless, they are also very beautiful. If you want to avoid decor with an “old” look, mix them with contemporary objects.

Taurari Blanket

In the kitchen, you can use tiles, tablets or colored glass above the sink counter, as they are versatile, provide freshness and can be easily combined with other materials, which helps a lot. In bathrooms, tiles and tiles when applied to a wall serve to break the monotony. Do you want to arrive at your home and relax in the living room? In this post we will talk more about it and you can make a beautiful Taurari Blanket.

The comfort suggested by the environment can be provided through wood with TV panels integrating the rack, or even lining a wall to make it more beautiful. If you want the opposite, you can invest in coatings such as stones, burnt cement and porcelain tiles that gain charm with decorative accessories and good lighting.

Free Pattern Available: Taurari Blanket

Taurari Blanket

In the dorms, the cosiness is due to the headboards, the wallpapers and a good woodwork project. Use mirrors in strategic locations to expand the environment. Whether on the balcony, in the gourmet area or even in the living room, a bold and different tip is the vertical garden, which is also used a lot today. It looks beautiful!

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