Wild Jasmine Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The heat is intense, the rains are very scarce and all we want is to be in a pleasant and cool environment, which compensates for the high external temperatures. As for the decoration, the colors can help, and a lot, with this sensation of freshness so desired. Light colors, in addition to refreshing, calm the environment. In this post we’ll se more about it and you can make a beautiful Wild Jasmine Blanket.

Colors like blue, light green and pastel tones create this sensation, which is why they are used a lot in hospitals and nurseries, now you know. In composition with cold ceramics, such as porcelain tiles or marbles, and fluorescent lighting, the colors calm and soften the general temperature of the environment, which is great.

In contrast, strong colors, such as red, orange or yellow, heat up. When mixed with other coatings considered “hot”, such as wood or carpet, and illuminated by incandescent lamps, they increase the sensory temperature of the environment, so keep this in mind.

In addition to the colors, coatings and lighting, we can also measure the temperature of the decoration with the objects, which is very cool. Stainless steel, ceramics, glass, cool. Candles, straws, carpets, heat up.

The secret of any decoration is to use all items in a harmonic way, mixing the “hot” with the “cold” at the right point, so remember that. Don’t want to make mistakes and don’t want to fix your decor? Paint the walls white and play with the furniture and decorative objects. Thus, you will tire less of the decoration and you can choose the cooler or warmer climate just by changing a few pieces.

Neutral colors are the most used in interior design, because they are easy to combine with several other colors and are not limited to a single style of decoration, which helps a lot. Choosing colors for decoration is not always an easy task, after all the options are diverse, but there are colors that easily harmonize with all styles of decoration and sizes of environments.

Did you know that, in addition to painting, there are different materials that can be used as a bedroom covering to help you decorate? Ceramics, wood and even 3D plaster help make your decor even more beautiful. However, you need to pay attention to the humidity of your room to put a wet room wall covering that will not spoil over time and is practical to clean.

Free Pattern Available: Wild Jasmine Blanket

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