Toddler Girls’ Hoodie Cardigan Free Pattern

It is possible to use different colors in the baby room decorated with wallpaper. The use of pastel shades is more recommended, but this is not a limitation. We can use different shapes and colors to stimulate the child’s creativity and avoid monochromatism. The tranquility is due to the non-direct lighting, which besides enhancing the decoration of the environment, does not bother the child. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Toddler Girls’ Hoodie Cardigan Free Pattern.

Another option is to use a pastel tone with simplified children’s drawings on top, this option is also good enough. Less complex shapes help the baby to identify the drawings as it grows. As the tone of the wall is lighter, it is possible to dare a little in a piece of furniture using a stronger color, such as yellow.

To give balance in the decoration and awaken the child’s perception, we can also apply two types of wallpaper, this will give an incredible touch to everything. In a child’s environment planned in this way, care must be taken with the mixtures, so as not to be out of step. Playing with different shapes and opposite colors, besides being very beautiful, can also make the environment cozy and quiet.

The wallpaper can be distributed in panels, like pictures on the wall, which makes everything more beautiful. The use of chess is innovative and capable of giving a country air to the baby room decorated with this type of paper. The green and blue tones are typically masculine, but with a little creativity, it is possible to use these colors in a girl’s environment.

For a house with a classic decor, it is recommended that the child’s bedroom follow the same line so that everything matches. To provide a baby room decorated like the royal rooms, the wallpaper with arabesque designs will give all the refinement that your prince or princess deserves.

This type of decoration is also unisex, and the rest of the decoration will work very well for both girls and boys. Pastel tones combine more with this type of wallpaper, which is great.

Are you going to have twins? Don’t worry, you won’t have any more difficulties! If they are of the same sex you don’t need to change much, the walls can follow the same tone, matching each other. If they are of different sex, you can divide and individualize for each one.

It is important that the colors and shapes match, so as not to tire any of your children. There are a multitude of wallpapers that you can use in your decorated baby room, which is also great. The main tip is: choose according to your personality and affinity, for sure you will choose the best for your baby.

Access the free pattern here: Toddler Girls’ Hoodie Cardigan Free Pattern

Toddler Girls’ Hoodie Cardigan Free Pattern

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