Clara Ripple Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Nothing tastes better than a good chat, good food, good wine, great company and a wonderful decoration involving all this. This noble area of ​​the house deserves special care. Anyone who thinks that just choosing a nice table and some pretty chairs is wrong. The dining room is much more than that! In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Clara Ripple Blanket.

To start, your space will dictate the size and shape of the table, so remember this. There are several models, such as oval and rectangular, for narrower rooms; the square ones, for wider spaces; and the round ones that help with circulation.

Whatever the choice, some basic measures must be taken into account to ensure the necessary comfort and circulation in the environment. Make sure you have a space between the table top and the walls of at least 0.90 m.

If your room has a sideboard, the ideal is that between the top and the furniture have a space of 1.20 m. Thus, we have enough for comfortable removal of chairs and for the movement of people in place.

And the lighting? This is also a very important conversation. The pendant can be the most impactful item in the room. Just be careful, to choose a piece (or a mix) that is not too small or too big for the table size. Lack of proportion can ruin the environment. Whichever pendant is chosen, the tip is that: its base is more or less 1.50m from the floor.

Who said that only a dining room lives on chairs? Give time to the seats and armchairs. If your table is generous, they can be used on the headboards as well. The bench is also a device that can be used when space is lacking, it helps a lot. With the piece leaning against a wall, we gained space for circulation.

Chairs can reign absolute in the environment, if they are different. Whether in colors, models or both, as this gives an incredible air to the environment. Colorful dining table can? Yes! As long as everything else is neutral, the house can and should reflect your style. From the most conservative to the modern, strolling through the contemporary, even the rustic.

Free Pattern Available: Clara Ripple Blanket

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