Beach Bag Towels – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Every time we get ready to go to the pool or the beach, it’s that lot of things we need to take, almost a change. It’s a towel, sunscreen, a book to pass the time. It almost makes you want to give up. What if we told you that everything can be made more practical? That’s the advantage of Beach Bag Towels. This model is incredible, after you use it for the first time you will see how much you needed to have a bag like this.

In the same bag you take the towel, a pillow and other items you need. And when it’s time to go home, it’s also very easy, just roll up the towel and everything is already stored. And not just for the beach, you can take it to an afternoon at the park, put your towel on the grass and enjoy this time reading a good book and getting comfortable. It’s not hard to do, you’ll see the instructions in the pattern how simple it is.

The materials can be a little different from what we are used to when we make quilts. But all are easy to find. You can use materials you already have at home too. If you sew to sell and guarantee that extra one at the end of the month, this option is excellent. It can be to gift that dear friend who loves a beach too. It’s a great way to start promoting your work and slaying sales.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: May Arts

Beach Bag Towels Materials Needed:

To make the beach bag towel you will need:

  • 1 Bath Towel;
  • 3 Matching or Coordinating Hand Towels (same length as bath towel width) May Arts Grosgrain Ribbon – QH (1 1⁄2”)- Approx 7 yards;
  • 6 inch piece strong sew on velcro;
  • Sewing machine/thread/scissors.

Follow the steps described in May Arts and make beautiful Beach Bag Towels. Enjoy making different combinations, choose colored towels, printed and combine with velcro.

We are sure they will be very beautiful. Did you like it? It’s a very different pattern from the ones we usually bring, but we think this idea is amazing and very useful. Tell us what else you want to learn here. We are very happy with our partnership. Our crafts make all the difference, be proud of your work.

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