Bedside Pockets Organizer – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Shall we learn another beautiful pattern together? Here we only share what we like and that can be very useful for you too. In addition to being options for those who sell crafts, it is always good to renew the catalog and have new options to offer to customers. Bedside Pockets Organizer is amazing. A super useful item, easy to make and that you will love.

We always have too many things that need a place to organize and always know where to find them. With this pattern it’s like this, it’s an organizer that you will make yourself. It is on the side of the bed, with several pockets that you can put whatever you need to have close by. You can put the control of television, cell phone, magazines and books. It is perfect in the children’s room too.

They can put a toy they like to have close at bedtime, a book they read before bed. There are many functions and objects that will not be missing to complete the organizer. The prints and colors chosen should be the ones you like best. For the children’s room, choose colorful, cheerful prints with children’s themes. If you already have some scraps left over, you can use it in one of the pockets and match it with the others.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

We are sure that ideal combinations will not be lacking. You can change the size of the organizer pockets. This should be done right at the beginning, when cutting the patchwork. Adjust the rest to the new measurements and that’s it, you’ll have a pocket the size you need. The bedside pockets organizer pattern is very detailed, with all the cutting and sewing instructions.

Fabric suggestions, material lists and measurements are available at Sew Can She. We are sure it will be a success. In addition to being beautiful, it is an incredibly useful item that will help us in our daily lives. It is an excellent option for gifting loved ones or selling. Did you like it? We really want to know your opinion here in the comments.

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