Blue Jean Rag Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Another week coming to an end. Today’s pattern couldn’t be different from the others, yet another breathtaking quilt. The Blue Jean Rag Quilt is a very special model that you can use old clothes from your wardrobe, transforming them into a beautiful quilt for your decoration. The quilt model is very beautiful, it has this edge in all the patches that makes everything even more special.

As for the fabric, for this quilt you will need all the denim pieces that you do not use anymore. They may be pieces with rips or stains. When cutting, you can remove these pieces or use them to make the piece even more stylish. You can ask friends and family for pieces of denim clothing that they don’t wear either.

When making the cuts, make sure that you will use all the pieces. We don’t want to waste anything. By not having a defined size, strips and squares, you enjoy everything that jeans can offer. The blue jean rag quilt may need a few washes to become softer. Jeans are a tougher, more resistant fabric, so this quilt will last a long time.

Blue Jean Rag Quilt

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Inspired Quilting By Lea Louise

The pattern is available at Inspired Quilting By Lea Louise. For this quilt, you need a strong needle. You will need a size 16, which is often packaged as a denim needle. There are areas where multiple layers of denim need to be sewn through and a standard quilting needle just doesn’t have the strength.

We hope to have inspired you with the patterns we brought. Let us know what you think, we are happy to read your feedback. May you be able to create beautiful pieces and make a lot of art to decorate your house, gift friends or sell. Enjoy the weekend, rest and recharge your energies because next week we’ll be back with a lot of new things.

Blue Jean Quilt
Jean Quilt

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