Big Bold Blanket

The decor concept has changed in the last few years and so has the bathroom! Modern materials and accessories allow the bathroom to be more than a functional space and to harmonize the decoration of the house. The current models of bathroom coverings have more resistant materials, with modern design, giving a differential in the decoration of the space. Inserts, cement and wood porcelain tiles and classic tiles are some of the options adopted by designers. In this post we will see more about it and you will be able to see more about Big Bold Blanket.

What counts is to use creativity so that the environment, besides being beautiful, also receives an invaluable touch of personality to be with your face. Due to the fact that bathrooms become as visible as other rooms in the house, people are opting for drastic renovations and changing all bathroom accessories, from the toilet to the bathroom tiles.

Combining tiles with tiles gives a very unique and modern touch to the space, especially for the open bathrooms – integrated into the bedroom, for example – making them very beautiful.

Free Pattern Available: Big Bold Blanket

But even though the bathroom is closed and small, it can take on a luxurious concept, more youthful with colorful or even discreet yet modern tones. Bathroom coverings in light or nude tones are ideal for people with a more traditional style and always opt for the classic decor, which is also very beautiful. Note that in the image above, the bathroom received porcelain bathroom tiles that refer to marble and make the decoration classic and timeless.

In a project the bathroom coverings in white and blue tones and the accessories in light tone, contribute to a harmonious and cozy environment that at the same time is well lit, due to the light tones of the coating, this is a great idea for a project. To counter the traditional decor, the design used a treat that refers to children’s decor and leaves the furniture with a beautiful and delicate design.

For those who think that art only integrates environments such as living room and bedroom, here is a very bold tip that integrates art into the walls of your bathroom. Note that the architect opted for a more modern style. In another project, the choice of tiles for the bathroom lining was very successful, because in addition to brightening the environment, it also left the personal decoration, certainly matching the style and personality of the owner.

A touch of rusticity, modernity and romanticism for your bathroom with a 3D coating can also be a great idea. With a super sure bet of canjiquinha coating in the bathroom decoration, the interior designer bet on romanticism. Note that the use of plants in the bathroom decoration makes the environment more harmonious.

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