Cozy Afghans Crochet Along

Even the smallest apartments can become incredible environments if decorated with style and supported by some basic tricks used by professionals of decoration and interior design. No matter the length of your property, if you want the entire house, or any specific room, just pay attention to these tips that we separate. Painting the walls in light colors always helps to increase the feeling of spaciousness of a space. But do not stop there, abuse the white and light tones also on the curtain, on the furniture and also on the bed linen. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Cozy Afghans Crochet Along.

Make the colors bolder for the smallest details, like flower pots and pillows, for example, they will be enough to help you. It is also legal to abuse mirrors, which, due to their reflective nature, give the feeling of doubling the size of the environment. As the light also helps in expanding the space, the mirror is also an ally when it comes to multiplying the points of light in any room.

Another trick that always works is to abuse the furniture planned in your project, so keep that in mind. In small environments it is very important to make the best use of every available inch. In the kitchen it is common for the planned joinery to be present, even when talking about space for all appliances.

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Organization is also a great ally when decorating small apartments, always remember that crowded environments tend to appear smaller, so always organize your home. For this reason, nothing to keep things you don’t need at home, every free space is valuable.

In integrated environments it is nice to keep the same colors on the walls and the same finishes in the rooms that are side by side, not dividing the spaces, such as dining room and living room, for example, helps to maintain the feeling of continuity and perception that the environment is bigger, and the colors will match.

If you want to have a division between the rooms, do it in a more subtle way, combining the arrangement of furniture, or using accessories such as rugs to help you. This tip is also for the amount of furniture you put in each environment.

A small room, for example, can be completed with just a sofa and a rack. A coffee table and too much furniture can hinder even the movement of people. For extra seats you can invest in furniture with more than one function, such as chests that serve as ottomans and will help you organize your home, for example.


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