Bunny Hat and Booties – Crochet Pattern

Hello darlings! Today we are going to learn a very cute pattern, perfect for our little ones, Bunny Hat and Booties. Our babies are already the cutest and most beautiful thing we could have. The hat and booties only complement the look and make them more charming. Bunny’s are super cute and you can use it on babies all year.

With the arrival of Easter, this set gets even more special. You can make it any color you prefer, but this shade of pink is a charm. And the bunny’s ears? Super charming. Use quality yarn that is soft to the touch and warm, so your head and feet are protected. When we make baby items, I like to use hypoallergenic threads.

In yarn stores you will find several options, many brands have special lines for babies. Choose this special line for our little ones. Have you ever thought about securing extra money at the end of the month? You can do this by offering your crochet work. Baby items always have a bigger appeal, take advantage of this pattern and start exploring this idea.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspiration

What mom wouldn’t like to win a set of these for her little one, enjoy and gift dear friends who have small children. Because it’s so wonderful it may not seem like it, but it’s an easy pattern to make. The hat’s bunny is sewn separately and sewn with a needle and thread, as if it were an appliqué.

The bunny hat and booties pattern is available in Yarnspiration, with the material listing, abbreviations, yarn suggestions, and step by step. We are looking forward to seeing your work.

Tell us here in the comments what you think and what it was like to make them, we’d love to read everything. Leave suggestions if you want too, we are attentive to everything. Let’s start? Separate your crochet materials and let’s crochet!

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