Crochet Rug Esteva – Free Pattern

in the decorations, so we brought the Crochet Rug Esteva. Rugs are never too many, there is always a different model that enchants us and matches our decor. Round rugs are the most classic models, we have a wide variety of patterns. The round crochet rug, despite being made with a very old craft technique, is stealing the show in modern decorations.

Versatile, the method enchants for its charm and coziness, thus being a great ally for spaces with floors with a cold touch. Esteva is a very beautiful pattern, with open stitches. You can see the difference stitches as you make the rows. Crochet rugs are extremely versatile, they match the living room, office, bathroom.

Choose the room you want to decorate and see if the measurements of the pattern fit the space you have. So you can get a better idea of ​​how it will look in the environment, if you will need to put some furniture on top, chairs. The lines for this project are the most varied, but I really like to make crochet rugs with string.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

This wire is not too thick or rough. The rug is very nice and soft to the touch. In addition, it is an easy to wash material and of good quality. As for the colors, that’s up to you. See what best matches the decor of the environment and start crocheting. If you are new in the crochet technique, the materials you’ll need to start are basic. Thread of your choice and crochet hook.

There are several crochet hook numbers, but you don’t have to buy them all. Buy as per the need of the pattern. To make Esteva Crochet Rug, the pattern is available on Ravelry, with information and step by step. We hope you get inspired to crochet and make lots of rugs. Gather everything you need and let’s crochet!

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