Crochet Cat Pillow – Free Pattern

Hello darlings! We hope you had a good weekend. Another week starting and you already know what that means. We’ve already separated, tested the patterns of the week and are ready to start sharing them with you. Let’s start by doing a little crochet, the crochet cat pillow. This pattern is a lot of fun, with funny details that make the pillow even more charming.

It’s an easy pattern to make, you won’t have any problems. The pillows are amazing and match many different environments. It’s the fastest way to change the decor of a room. Do it with colors that match other items in the room, that match the quilts, with the colors of the decor frames. There are many options and I’m sure with a lot of creativity, you will rock.

This pattern will be a hit with kids. Because it’s shaped like cats, kids will want some in their room decor. You can ask them to choose the colors, they will feel useful and will love to help. When the yarns, choose the ones that you like the most. Regardless of the color, yarn has to be of quality so you can have a perfect pillow for longer. In addition to the quality of the yarns, some care must be considered.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

Do not wash such delicate items in the washing machine or in hot water. Often, in yarn’s packaging, you will find indications on how to maintain yarn quality. The crochet cat pillow pattern is available on Ravelry, with the step by step, measurements and yarns indications. Before starting to crochet, read the entire pattern. You will understand the stitches they ask for, learn how to do them and then yes, time to start crocheting.

The materials needed are common crochet patterns. If you have any doubts, the pattern has the list. So, ready to start crocheting? We are sure you will be able to make beautiful pillows. They are an excellent option to gift to dear friends, friends of daughters. In addition to promoting your work, you find everyone with the time and love dedicated to them. Shall we crochet?

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