Dinosaur Baby Crochet Cardigan

Dinosaur Baby Crochet Cardigan, for those who are already in need of new winter items. This beautiful piece is very beautiful and can be used to accompany different looks of the child in their daily lives. It is the type of work that you can do with the art of crochet today and thus be able to wrap the whole family with creativity, art and love. And always being concerned with having new models and options at hand that please everyone can help. The difference is in this beautiful dinosaur look that gives an extra charm to this piece.

This Cardigan is perfect for the boy to accompany his grandpa on that special tour, where he will be well dressed and will be very cute looking like a dinosaur. Comfortable this Dinosaur Baby Crochet Cardigan is ideal for days that start to get cold especially during the afternoon and morning. The colors are at your discretion the one that best matches the wardrobe of your little one.

This beautiful piece can be made in the most diverse colors and thus be a beautiful option to present to your customers who are sure to love it. During the hot or cold season it is important to be prepared with news to please your customers and increase your monthly income.

Dinosaur Baby Crochet Cardigan

Pattern/Images/Tutorial: Traverse Bay Crochet

F hook for 0-3M, G hook for 3-6M, H hook for 6-9M, I hook for 9-12M
Blunt needle
5 small buttons (I found my cute dinosaur buttons at JoAnn Fabrics)
Medium worsted weight yarn in green, about 3.5 oz. I recommend Caron One Pound in “Kelly Green”
Medium worsted weight yarn in light green, about 1 oz. I recommend Red Heart Super Saver in “Spring Green”
Threading floss (for sewing on buttons)

st (s) – stitch (es)
hk- hook
ch- chain
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
hdc- half double crochet
block back loops only
flo- front loops only
sk- skip
sl st- slip stitch


What Do We Think About This Pattern

This wonderful Dinosaur Baby Crochet Cardigan will make your little one look incredibly cute !! It will be easy for you to do this beautiful work if you follow the tutorial correctly because this piece has a very stylish result, with incredible colors that give a cute and charming look to your little one that will delight everyone !!

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