Easy Patchwork Quilt

Easy Patchwork Quilt a wonderful and different job that should be done calmly and that will provide you with a beautiful result that you will surely love. In the bedroom decor, this quilt can make the environment happy and totally change its face, in addition to being very delicate. It’s worth making pieces of this type that make us proud of our craftsmanship skills used in the piece. Very well explained in the tutorial this work was done with these beautiful colors but if you want you can do it using yours.

Choose your fabric according to the decor of the room you want to put it so that everything stays together. Practicing this type of quilt leaves the house always well decorated and perfect to receive your visitors. It is an excellent choice of product for sales as it is a unique piece that requires time to be made.

We know that when you are doing your work you have doubts about the best way to do a job that looks beautiful. But with love and patience, it is possible to do incredible work. The quilt is the type of work that, despite being somewhat easy, may require a little more patience to do..

Easy Patchwork Quilt

Full Pattern/Images/Tutorial: The Stitching Scientist

Quilt Top Supplies (80″X90″)
20 Fat Quarters (Riley Blake Kensington Fat
Quarter Bundle was used for this quilt top tutorial)

Step 1
Take each of your fat quarters and cut into 4
strips measuring 4.5”X 21”.

After you cut all of your 20 fat quarters, you
will have 80 strips.

Step 2
Group your strips into 4 color groups,
grouping the ones with large print designs
together, small prints, medium, solids etc.
Each of your color groups will have 20 strips
Here is an example of how you can group
your colors based on color and print intensity.

Step 3
Take one strip from each of your groups and
remake your fat quarter.

What does our team think of this pattern

Easy Patchwork Quilt, a beautiful quilt, this design is just beautiful and you will definitely love it, this wonderful work will change your decor in an incredible way. This beautiful Project can be used on several occasions, it will amaze your clients who will surely want one as well, which will help you a lot.

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