Granny’s Valentine Afghan Block

Granny’s Valentine Afghan Block is very beautiful and can be used in different types of work that will be simply amazing, believe me. This type of work has drawn attention and in the most diverse types of designs it has been a great success. This is a crochet that can be done with ease and that, when joining the pieces, gives an incredible result. This type of work is highly valued because it requires dedication and patience when making the pieces.

This recipe is simple and has a very beautiful block result that you will love. It’s worth investing in pieces like this to compose your products for sale. These pieces with colorful and delicate details draw attention for their beauty and delicacy.

The blanket and quilts made of squares are increasingly attracting attention for their beauty and making a big hit in today’s craft sales. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring you the best.

Granny’s Valentine Afghan Block

Full Pattern/Images/Tutorial: Bluebird And Daisy

With hearts that stand proud of the background that can be placed in different ways this square gives its maker lots of choices, a single one could be a coaster or a token of appreciation, four or nine together quickly becomes a cushion, then after that the Possibilities really are as big as you want to go.

This square could be made in any thickness of yarn, just use a hook to match i.e. 4mm for double knit or 5mm for Aran weight. Abbreviations throughout are US.

This square can be made into a 14 inch cushion front making four of these squares (using double knit and a 4mm hook)

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Granny’s Valentine Afghan Block, the piece you need to make even better ones!! You will be amazed by the final result it has and you will love the pieces it will be able to form. This beautiful Project can be used on several occasions, it will amaze your clients who will surely want one for their projects too, which will help you a lot.

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