Giant Crochet Doily Rug

Giant Crochet Doily Rug , here is a very beautiful crochet rug, a beautiful and very original pattern, for those who like more elaborate work, it is in fact a unique and perfect piece. A Giant Crochet Doily Rug like this seems to be quite complicated, in fact it requires a lot of attention and good skill. However, when we like the standard, we have to try, because wanting is power. A pattern like this will definitely be perfect in the bedroom or even in the living room. Let’s face it, a beautiful rug like this we have to give others the opportunity to admire.

A piece like this should be used in the decoration of the house. With the Giant Crochet Doily Carpet, you must have already noticed that this alternative helps us a lot in the decoration. It ends up giving a very special color to the spaces of a house or apartment. In addition to being cheap, this item made with thread or string is also handcrafted. Which means that it brings a lot of delicacy and sophistication.

Innovative ideas are in full swing, with this modern pieces appear all the time. However, crochet does not lose its rustic and pleasant essence, of a handmade art. We can find a multitude of models of string rugs that can decorate the house. From the most basic with neutral tones to the most elaborate and colorful. All end up, somehow, giving a touch of charm, coziness to the environments of the house.

Crochet Pattern – Giant Crochet Doily Rug

Pattern/Photos / Schematic/Video Tutorial by diyfashionhub 

With the most varied formats of rugs, whether rectangular, round, oval, among others. Each shape has its own finish, which can be done with open or closed stitches. Another factor that directly influences the look of the rug is the line. Which can be found in thicker or thinner versions. Taking advantage of the shapes of the rugs, you can have them in every room in the house, without exception. They are receptive to crochet pieces. In fact, the rug made with this artisanal technique is a true ally of the housewife in the decoration.

No rules when decorating the house with crochet rugs, the shapes and colors the choice of patterns is uniquely and exclusively yours. Because you know better than anyone what will fit best in each room. However, on a quick internet search, you will notice that the market is full of options. I would say great!, with beautiful patterns like this. These options will help you make the perfect choice. That’s why we prepared this content talking only about the Giant Crochet Doily Rug , a perfect pattern for decoration.

Choice of Colors

A very important item is the colors of your rug. As with all the rest of the decoration, there are no rules for choosing the color of the rug. It all depends on the environment in which the article will be placed. With this, he will help to show you which colors are ideal for your crochet rug.

Pattern/Photos / Schematic/Video Tutorial – by diyfashionhub 

Schematic PDF by diyfashionhub

The fact is that the decoration must always follow the personality of the house’s owners. However, if in doubt, do the basics without error, as cores such as grey, beige and white tend to harmonize well with most environments. With these neutral tones, the decoration of the environment will be more clean and discreet, of course that’s just a tip.




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