Giant Crochet Rug with a Seashell Shape

Crochet crafts are an excellent decoration option for home environments, and the crochet rug is one of the fundamental pieces for your decoration. It is an ancient technique, but all the time it has been conquering space in homes due to its delicacy and for bringing modern and different models. There are several types of thread, and needles to get the job done, so the choice depends on the recipe you plan to make. As well as colored or neutral colored. There are several models, styles for every taste, from the simplest to the most complex and each one more beautiful than the other.

Square rugs are classic and easier to make when it comes to crochet rugs. Another advantage of the framed models is the possibility of repeating the graph, increasing the size of the piece you are weaving. However, it is necessary to be attentive so that you do not have to redo the work.

Oval rugs are a great option for decorating various environments in your home, such as living room, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They can still be used as doormats, however this type of piece requires a little more attention when weaving. These pieces need to increase the stitches on the sides so that the rug reaches the desired shape. There are several models, styles for all tastes, with the simplest and also the most worked in weaving.

Just like square and oval shaped rugs, rectangular rugs can decorate various environments in your home. Rectangular shaped models are usually the easiest to crochet. The rectangular model will match the most diverse environments. Like the models, the color combinations of the carpet are diverse, in addition to the traditional raw.

The couple’s room, the crochet does not need to have an air of retro, the colorful and creative pieces are excellent options for the rooms. Just as you can also opt for a more sober model that matches your furniture, keeping the environment pleasant and comfortable.

Giant Crochet Rug with a Seashell Shape

In the living room, depending on the space and furniture you can choose the oval model, as well as this beautiful carpet model, different model coming out of the so-called traditional ones. Be alert when choosing the color to make a good combination and obtain a perfect harmony.
For corridors the ideal ones are those of rectangular shape, pay attention to the size and color combinations and also you can make a good harmony with frames.

Nowadays it is impossible to talk about crochet and not to think about flowers, so you can make a beautiful carpet with flowers. And if you have any difficulty in weaving following a ready-made model or graphic, the tip is to create your own model. To do this, just use a sheet of squared paper and paint the squares forming your flower design. At the end the squares that remain blank as open points from a high point to three streams. And the squares painted the closed points of four high points in a row.

Crochet allows you to create models, but it is not always easy to find patterns or ideas, especially for those who are starting in this manual work, which brings us beautiful, delicate and perfect works.

A model that is much sought after by crochet lovers, star rug, is a different piece due to its shape.

Free Pattern Available: Giant Crochet Rug with a Seashell Shape

 Giant Crochet Rug with a Seashell Shape

In crochet one of the most used threads to make the pieces with string. Because it is a very versatile thread, it can be used to make clothes, table runners, rugs, curtains and other pieces. The string has its cotton base and one of the most used colors is raw, the natural color of the fiber, so here’s the tip, if the piece is large, better to buy all the yarn at once, being the same batch, thus avoiding differentiation of line coloring.

See this amazing and beautiful piece that is this Giant Crochet Rug with a Seashell shape. It follows for you, in addition to the free pattern, graphic of this beautiful shell-shaped rug.

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