Racetrack Play Rug – Crochet Pattern

Hi my loves! It’s been a long time since we last appeared here. What did you do during those days? We hope you enjoyed it and left some time to practice. You can do crafts to relax. Many people see it as a form of therapy. Come crochet with us, let’s learn how to do […]

Crochet Rug Esteva – Free Pattern

in the decorations, so we brought the Crochet Rug Esteva. Rugs are never too many, there is always a different model that enchants us and matches our decor. Round rugs are the most classic models, we have a wide variety of patterns. The round crochet rug, despite being made with a very old craft technique, […]

Giant Crochet Rug with a Seashell Shape

Crochet crafts are an excellent decoration option for home environments, and the crochet rug is one of the fundamental pieces for your decoration. It is an ancient technique, but all the time it has been conquering space in homes due to its delicacy and for bringing modern and different models. There are several types of […]