Granny Brioche Blanket – Free Pattern

How can you not love a crochet blanket, comfortable, cozy and warm? It’s hard to resist, I know. And if you do it yourself, isn’t it a different feeling? I hope that you feel proud of each piece you make and, if you sell it, value it and charge a fair price for her work. Come learn another pattern with us, the Granny Brioche Blanket. Look how beautiful this color combination is.

You find green, yellow, pink, red. Each one in the right place in the granny squares, combining with each other and highlighting every detail. If you want a more discreet blanket, just adapt the colors, choose pastel tones. The important thing is to always keep different colors close together, to contrast and highlight all the details. But what about granny square, did you already know? It’s a classic pattern, well publicized around and, many times, the first contact with the technique. 

Sometimes the size of the square may vary, but the format is always the same. With them you can assemble several pieces. Here we are showing how beautiful a blanket looks with the union of these squares, with the proposed colors and composition. But you can use the squares model to make a bag, a table runner. Use a little creativity and crochet around too. Models like this are the easiest to change the size of the final piece.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

We have beds of various sizes and if you are crocheting to decorate the bedroom, you may need to make the blanket larger or smaller. Easy as the pattern, just change the number of squares. It’s much easier to do this than trying to change the size of the squares. Decrease a column, on the side or length and measure until you have the size you need. With the end of the year approaching, people tend to give gifts to their loved ones, people close to them. 

If you’re thinking about selling to have an extra income at the end of the year, start now. Share it among family and friends. I started selling it by giving gifts to close friends. Gradually they were publicizing and orders were arriving. These are ideas for those who have this goal and don’t know how to start. Check out the granny brioche blanket pattern available on Ravelry. There’s the list of materials and the whole step by step. Remember that quality materials will only enhance your work even more. Come crochet with us!

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