Hello Kitty Baby Dress – Crochet Pattern

We always like to see our little ones in the prettiest clothes, so let’s learn how to make Hello Kitty Baby Dress. This crochet dress will be a big hit with moms and little ones. It is a model that may seem difficult, but it is not. It has some special points, but they are also simple to understand and execute.

You will make the dress through both loops in two sections: Skirt and Bodice. In the bodice you will work up down in three pieces, leaving an opening at the top, with a simple edge. The skirt is worked left to right for the border and down up for the rest. I’m sure that, like me, you wonder where the creativity of these artisans comes from to make such different and beautiful pieces.

Just like any other hobby, you need to exercise creativity and crochet. You will learn to combine colors, yarns, stitches. Practice will bring you that security to start making the changes you want to create. Grab any leftover yarn you have from other projects, or buy a ball of yarn just for testing purposes. Stitch, undo, try a different stitch, undo.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sweety.

Your evolution will be remarkable and you will and should be very proud of your work. Cherish this time, put on a song that cheers you up, a movie you like and just pay attention to the crochet. For me it’s a moment of therapy, if it’s like that for you too, enjoy it. These dresses delight all moms, so it can be an excellent gift option for your little ones friends, friends who already have daughters.

In addition to showing all your affection in the time dedicated to making the piece, you can promote your work. The complete hello kitty baby dress pattern is available at Sweety. You will find the list of materials, the step by step of all rounds and measurements of the final dress.

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