Ribbon Star Block – Free Pattern

Hi friends! I hope you are all well and excited to learn a new pattern together, the Ribbon Star Block. These block patterns are great for someone who is just starting to sew and wants to make projects quick and easy. The measurements are well described in the standard, the quantity of each format as well.

We do not recommend reducing the measurements, it may be too difficult for you to sew. Any size changes you make, be sure to keep measurements with round numbers. It may seem silly, but when measuring to cut, it’s much easier to reproduce the measurements of round numbers. Take the opportunity to test and improve your sewing skills from projects like this.

Blocks are the basis for many projects, with them you can make quilts, table runners, center pieces. The blocks alone can be used as pillow covers and nothing better than pillows to change the whole decor of an environment. In the pattern you will find several color combinations. Take the opportunity to risk without fear, make the combinations that you think are beautiful.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: FreshlyPieced.

Want to try it out to see how it goes? Use scraps left over from another project. Test, practice, sew is a craft that also needs practice. You will learn to keep the cistern straighter, make turns when necessary. Your evolution will be remarkable. The complete Ribbon Star Block pattern is available from FreshlyPieced.

The step-by-step photos will help you, so you can check if everything is right. It’s always a pleasure to have you here, wanting to learn new patterns. If you want to tell us what you think of the pattern and what it was like to make it, we’d be happy to read it. See you soon with more beautiful projects!

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