New Bow Tie – Quilt Pattern

If you’re looking for a project for the weekend, here’s the New Bow Tie quilt. A beautiful quilt, which is perfect in various environments. You can choose the color according to the decoration of the environment. In the pattern photos, we have several combination options. Lighter and more cheerful tones, such as pink, green, blue, can be a great option to compose the baby’s trousseau.

Looks great in bedroom decor. Also, you can take it with you when you go out to cover the baby. Because it’s a block quilt, if you want to change the size it won’t be difficult. Increase or decrease the number of blocks and that’s it, you’ll have a quilt the size you want. The pattern is not difficult, if you are new to the art of sewing, you can try this pattern.

Practice a little every day, you will see that your sewing goes better as you gain more confidence, whether with the sewing machine or with the cut. Choose good quality fabrics and the colors and prints you prefer. At first it may seem difficult to learn how to combine patterns. Creativity also evolves as you exercise it.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Polkadot Chair.

See different patterns, explore fabrics in stores. Gradually you will start creating new combinations, the important thing is not to be afraid to take risks. Test first, assemble the quilt, see if all the colors match and only then start sewing the pieces. So you are sure you will like the result and check if there are any missing pieces.

The complete new bow tie quilt pattern is available on the Polkadot Chair. Fabric suggestions, materials list, measurements, cutting and assembling the quilt are there to guide you through making the quilt. It’s always a pleasure to have you here, so we can learn and share techniques and tips. Feel free to tell us what you think and if you have any suggestions, send them in the comments. We will be very happy to read everything.

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