Petunia Strings Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi sweeties! Each quilt we bring here has a different pattern and is an opportunity to practice your sewing and exercise your creativity. Today we are going to learn how to make Petunia Strings. It is perfect for decorating the room. You can match pillows with the same pattern. It’s simple to do, it repeats the pattern of the blocks that make up the quilt.

A well-placed bed looks very beautiful, combine with several colorful pillows, with colors that match the details of the quilt, it will be hard to want to get up! Quilts also look perfect in other rooms in the house. You can use them in the living room, in the children’s playroom. Imagine having a nice picnic and using it as a towel, it will be a delight.

It’s normal for quilts to need to be washed frequently, so choose good quality fabrics to make them. As we mix colors and prints to make the bedspread, if you want to wash the fabrics before starting to cut to remove the excess paint that some fabrics release, we recommend that. Thus, one color does not stain the other.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Connie Kresin.

Don’t forget to iron the fabric too, it’s straighter and easier to cut and sew. The petunia strings quilt pattern is available at Connie Kresin. In the pattern you have the fabric measurements, the suggestions, the materials. We hope you feel as inspired as we do when you see these beautiful pieces.

This walkthrough will teach you everything, and are techniques and tips that you can use in other projects. Enjoy and take a little time on the weekend to practice a little. This is the only way we can evolve, practice creativity and possible combinations. Don’t forget to tell us how it was done, we’re looking forward to reading it all!

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