Simple Log Cabin Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! We’re back, full of ideas and beautiful patterns to learn together. It’s always a pleasure to have you here, knowing that what we’ve learned together inspires you to keep making beautiful handcrafts. Today, we are going to learn how to make the simple log cabin quilt. Quilts are well known and make all the difference in the environment.

The most colorful ones bring joy to the environment, complement the decor and are the perfect pieces to snuggle up. The more discreet ones leave the environment elegant and sophisticated. In addition to complementing the decor, you can use quilts to protect the sofa. You can combine patterned fabrics with plain fabrics, it looks very beautiful.

Darker colored fabrics may shed some of the excess dye. You can wash them first, removing much of the paint that could stain lighter colors that are also present in the quilt. After washing, don’t forget to iron the fabrics. They are smoother and straighter, which facilitates both cutting and sewing fabrics. To do this quilt, you will do blocks and them sewn them together. It’s easy to increase or decrease the size of the quilt to suit the size you need.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Missouri Star

It is a very beautiful item, a great option to gift friends and family. This model is a classic, you can make it for the trousseau for the little ones too, just use colors and prints that match the decor of the room. The Simple Log Cabin pattern is available in Missouri Star. You will need quilt fabric for border, for binding, quilt backing fabric. The video tutorial is available, so you can go step by step together and answer any questions that may arise.

We hope this is another pattern that inspires you to keep sewing. The quilts are very pretty and we have many different patterns. Over time you will be making changes and customizing your pieces. Tell us about the ideas that come up, what you think. We are delighted to be with you on this journey. Now that we know how to make the simple log cabin, let’s quilt?

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