Firework Granny

This is an environment that is “in fashion”. The idea of ​​a gourmet kitchen is that the host is with his guests while preparing the food, generating a conviviality not only at the table, but throughout the visit. Fun, conversation and food in the same environment or in an integrated environment. Following this line of having a kitchen with integrated gourmet space, where food, starter, main course, dessert, good wine and coffee will be prepared to finish it is essential to have a good work bench with the bench where the guests will stay make yourself comfortable. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Firework Granny.

The countertop can be fitted with an island, if the kitchen is large. So you can enjoy the circulation of the entire environment without having anything disturbing you. The most common items in a gourmet kitchen are: built-in stove or (more used) the built-in cooktop and oven, hood, worktop with wet area and work area, a medium to large size tub.

Some other things that we find in gourmet kitchens are microwaves, side by side refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, etc., everything will depend on the space available to assemble, the need of those who will use it, the desire, in short, there are several factors that must be analyzed.

Free Pattern Available: Firework Granny

Generally, countertops are used instead of the dining table, so that the integration is complete, for this it is necessary to provide higher stools in place of dining chairs so pay attention to this. But if it is necessary or is the client’s wish, you can use chairs, just predict the height of the bench correctly.

It is possible to have a gourmet kitchen even with little space, just make a more compact project, but it is not because you have a reduced environment that you have to give up the dream of having a gourmet kitchen, nowadays there are so many options to be used that can help you with that.

It is not necessarily an American kitchen (that kitchen integrated with the living room), despite the integration that the gourmet kitchen can offer between hosts and guests, it can be in a separate and isolated environment from the living room, as the American kitchen in addition to integrating people, it integrates environments which helps a lot.

A basic tip for setting up your gourmet space is that the furniture must not disturb the circulation around the environment and the appliances and accessories must be distributed in a way that facilitates the preparation of food and that everything is easy for the cheff to cook quietly in the environment.


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