Block Quilt

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Mosaic Butterfly Block

Hey everyone! Good to have you here with me once again. It is very good to know that you are looking for us when it comes to handicrafts. We were flattered and motivated to look for new patterns and tips to share around here. I hope you feel our enthusiasm on the other side and […]

Chocolate and Cherries Quilt

Hey loves, we’re here once again. And we couldn’t be happier to know that you keep us company in all the patterns. First of all, I hope this article finds you well. With health and energy to learn one more pattern option that you can make to decorate your house, sell or give as a […]

Evergrowing Mandala – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! We have reached the end of another week. I hope you were able to do the projects you wanted. If everything wasn’t as you’d like, calm down, there’s still time to fix it or start over. Sometimes all we need is to put that project aside for a while, dedicate ourselves to […]

Four Square Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves, how nice to meet you here! We are always looking for news and tips that can make your craft easier. We have more and more fans of this practice, which helps us to evolve, have new models to learn from and continue to have a second income, if that is your goal. […]