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Evergrowing Mandala – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! We have reached the end of another week. I hope you were able to do the projects you wanted. If everything wasn’t as you’d like, calm down, there’s still time to fix it or start over. Sometimes all we need is to put that project aside for a while, dedicate ourselves to […]

Splendor Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello dear colleagues, we blink and another whole month has passed. Can you believe we’re halfway through the year? Time passes very quickly. Every time I come back to see what we have produced here, I am very proud. I hope you feel that way too. See your projects, appreciate them and feel proud of […]

In From The Cold Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello everybody! We hope to find you all well, excited and inspired to do some more art. Ready to learn a new quilt pattern? Well we are ready to share a new model. Look at that delicate quilt. In From The Cold brings a different pattern, full of details and with great comfort. For me, […]