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Fox Trails Quilt Pattern

Hey loves! I am very happy to find you here once again. This beginning of the week, we want to continue with the work we’ve been doing so far. We hope that sharing new ideas, beautiful and fun patterns will inspire you to keep creating around. Tell me how your week is going, lots of […]

In From The Cold Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello everybody! We hope to find you all well, excited and inspired to do some more art. Ready to learn a new quilt pattern? Well we are ready to share a new model. Look at that delicate quilt. In From The Cold brings a different pattern, full of details and with great comfort. For me, […]

Trio of Wreaths Table Runner – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Good to meet you again. We are very happy to have your company and to know that you remember us when you want to learn a new pattern. Search, test and share with you are the steps the we are always doing. We hope you can feel all this care on the other […]

Adore You Baby Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! Shall we start another week with a lot of color and delicacy? New ideas will appear here, so stay with us to learn new models. Today we are going to make our little ones room even more beautiful. The Adore You Baby Quilt is very beautiful, with delicate designs and colors that make […]

Shot Striped Frames Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello loves! We are appearing here in the middle of the week, but full of news. How are things over there? We hope you are making beautiful pieces with the inspirations and patterns that we share with you. If you want to learn the Shot Striped Frame Quilt, stay here with us. This quilt is […]

Small Treat Totes – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Good to see you here again. Another week that comes to an end and we are very happy to have your company. We have several patterns here that could be your project for the weekend. Today we are going to learn one more, the Small Treat Totes. This pattern is really cool and […]

Sea Birds Baby Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! How are you? Another week that is almost over. Much to do there? Too many orders, too many pieces? We hope you are managing to do everything you want, in your time, of course. Thinking about keeping the list of crafts you want to make, let’s bring the Sea Birds Baby Quilt. Another […]

Home for the Harvest – Free Quilt Pattern

Hello loves! How is your week going? We hope you are able to create a lot of beautiful things, but without charging yourself too much. You know that here we always share beautiful patterns, most of them available for free to help you become more and more expert. Today we separate a quilt, Home for […]

Star Burst Wall Hanging – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Ready to learn a new pattern with us? Half the week has passed and we hope to find you all well, with great joy and encouragement to end the week in the best possible way. It’s always a pleasure to share what we’ve learned with you and today we have Star Burst. […]

Charming Floral Table Runner – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Good to see you here again. We were always very happy and flattered to have you here with us. It is a privilege to be able to learn new crafts and still share them with you. We hope you can feel all our enthusiasm there too. How about learning the Charming Floral […]