Sea Birds Baby Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! How are you? Another week that is almost over. Much to do there? Too many orders, too many pieces? We hope you are managing to do everything you want, in your time, of course. Thinking about keeping the list of crafts you want to make, let’s bring the Sea Birds Baby Quilt. Another amazing and simple quilt model to make. By putting together different prints, but which complement each other in terms of theme and colors, you have yet another amazing pattern.

The quilt is that indispensable item in the trousseau for the little ones. Whether to snuggle them in your lap, or to keep them snuggled in the crib. But not only when they are small, they will also be able to enjoy this quilt a lot. The tones are incredible, it keeps the naval theme with boats, birds, anchors. It’s amazing right? For us, it was love at first sight.

After checking, seeing that everything is complete and very well described in the pattern, we needed to bring it here for you. The choice of fabrics is always very important, perhaps the biggest concern. All materials in fact, because in addition to the dedication you will put in your work, quality materials help to give a more beautiful finish to the piece. If you are going to mix a lot of shades, dark and light, we always recommend washing the fabrics first.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: We All Sew

Excess ink on fabrics is very common, and to avoid staining the lighter ones, wash them separately before starting to cut. Washed, dried, don’t forget to iron. You will see that on a smooth fabric it is much easier to make the markings and start the cuts. You know you don’t have to keep the same themes and colors, you can match your little one’s decor theme.

It is a great option to offer to your customers, to give away to acquaintances, nephews, godchildren. And to make the sea birds baby quilt, you can see the entire pattern in We All Sew. Step by step, cutting and sewing tips, measurements, everything is described there and will guide you throughout the project. If you have any doubts, you know you can count on us. Ready to quilt? Let’s do it.

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