Star Burst Wall Hanging – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Ready to learn a new pattern with us? Half the week has passed and we hope to find you all well, with great joy and encouragement to end the week in the best possible way. It’s always a pleasure to share what we’ve learned with you and today we have Star Burst. This pattern is very beautiful, full of different colors and shapes. You can use it as a table topper or wall hanging.

In the pattern, the designer chose a light background to highlight the designs formed with the most colorful fabrics. It looks so beautiful, regardless of the background color, choose one that highlights the rest of the colors as well. It can be printed or smooth, make different combinations, we are sure you will rock. You can make the smaller cuts with scraps of fabric left over from another project.

It’s always an opportunity to reuse materials and make everything even more beautiful. This pattern is not difficult, the cuts are straight and fast and the size of the piece is not too big either. This pattern can be for you, that never mage a quilt before. To start sewing, faster projects tend to be more successful. It’s normal to get more excited when we finish a piece and are happy with the result.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

But don’t be in a hurry, do it in your own time. You can wash the fabrics before you start cutting. If the fabric shrinks or loosens the excess paint that darker colors usually have, it does not affect the final design of the piece. They are tips that over time you will learn and know what needs to be done and which ones are best suited to each project. The complete star burst pattern is available at All People Quilt.

There you have access to the diagrams to help you with the assembly, the measurements, the colors, the step by step of the cuts and sewing. If you have any doubts, count on us. We have the comments here to interact with you and help with whatever you need. Read the pattern a first time, understand everything that you will need to do. Then separate your fabrics, materials and let’s quilt!

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