Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree

Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree, a way to spruce up your home for the long-awaited holiday party. And it can also be a beautiful gift at the end of the party during the family reunion that everyone loves. Easy to make and with a very beautiful effect, it can decorate your table during the Christmas parties we love so much. With creativity and very easily, you can use gossip to make this beautiful Christmas tree that will give your home that long-awaited Christmas look all year long.

Just use small, brightly colored ornaments to give a very colorful result and it will bring an appropriate ornament for the occasion that will help a lot in the decoration. Use all your creativity when making the ornaments for your Christmas tree for a stylish decoration. With separate materials to facilitate your work and make this beautiful decorative piece for your Christmas.

It is important to start preparing in advance so that you can assemble your tree calmly and happily and also decorate the other rooms in the house with the Christmas spirit. This piece of handicraft draws attention for its lightness and creativity using the well-known crochet technique.

Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree

Pattern/Tutorial/Images: Dawn

A vintage granny square Christmas tree.

The dear 93yr. old woman who I take care of had this in her stash of Christmas decorations & when I saw it, I was like ‘hey, this is crochet!”

Anything that is crochet
& anything that is vintage & crochet
& then anything that is vintage, crochet & Christmas-y!?…

More than fabulous!

She originally bought the granny square Christmas tree in the ’70’s ​​– which you can tell from the scratchy, almost brittle feel of the yarn — but still ~ I!

So I started thinking that this would be so easy to make.

Because it’s just crocheted granny squares ~

…in varying sizes.

The original tree had 6 granny squares so that’s what I made.

Green granny squares with a white edge.

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Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree, a beautiful and stylish decoration for the upcoming Christmas, you will surely love the beautiful touch that this piece will give to your environment on this date so awaited and loved by all. This beautiful project can be used on several occasions, it will amaze your clients who will surely want one as well, which will help you a lot.

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