Flower Patches Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Shall we start another week full of inspiration and new ideals? We hope you enjoyed the weekend, rested with your loved ones and, if you have a little time, practiced a little craftsmanship. If you’re thinking of expanding your quilting options, come learn Flower Patches Quilt with us. This pattern is very beautiful, colorful and will bring a lot of joy to the environment.

It looks beautiful in the girls room, even more if you combine the colors with the decoration of the environment. Quilts are classic pieces that make everything more beautiful. The most common way to use them is in bed, leaving everything tidy and cozy. But you can use them in other rooms, on the sofa or armchair in the living room, in the playroom, in open spaces, take on picnics.

The colors chosen by the design of the piece are very vibrant, colorful and with different stages. You can make similar combinations, or opt for more discreet colors if you prefer. Regardless of the colors, remember to choose quality fabrics that value your work and, thus, you will have a perfect piece for longer. You can wash the fabrics before you start making the cutouts.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

This first wash removes the excess dye that many fabrics have and, if the fabric shrinks, it will not change the shape, the design of your quilt. Do you have any fabric left over from another project? Use it on the flowers and petals. Make new combinations and make everything even more creative. If you’re not sure about the combinations, assemble the flower before you start sewing. So you can make the changes you think are necessary without having to sew anything.

Let’s learn how to make the Flower Patches Quilt? The pattern is available at All People Quilt, with the step by step, measurements, diagrams and suggestions for colors, stamps and fabrics. Need a bigger quilt? Increase the number of blocks. For a smaller quilt, decrease the amount, it’s simple, you’ll see. Tell us what you think here. We were delighted with so much color and look forward to sharing it all with you. Let’s have a beautiful week together, full of new patterns and wonderful crafts.

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